The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND Run report 19

Run report – Run 19 – 28 Oct 17


Demo run to ~200mph.


Weather 12C, 1017mb, wind 6 o/c 13kts, dry surface.

Fuel 28% at the start of the run, to 11% calc (13% gauged) at shutdown. 22:00 run time.

  • Tailwind still 13kts. Short delay (1/2 sec) on brakes, resulting in 130mph lift, 165mph brakes on, 200mph peak.
  • Brake temps at the BAT reported as slightly lower than previous runs.


Good run. 

Procedural points

  • Short pause before brake application gives a 200mph peak. Aim will be to use the same timing for the remaining Newquay runs.

Technical points

  • Earplugs still intermittent, earplug comms failed entirely on shutdown (post-run note: connections all cleaned, system now appears serviceable).
  • Intermittent offset on rear brake pressures (+50 bar) after second high speed run. Brakes remained fully effective.

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