The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND Run reports 2 and 3

Run report – Run 2 – 4 Oct 17


Repeat Run Profile 1 (60NL, 50 mph).  Bedding in the brakes, functional check of steering, suspension, etc. 


1540L.  Weather 14 C, 1010 mb, wind 10 o’clock 17 kts

Delta taxiway, approx. 4000 ft available.

Fuel 48 to 21%, run duration 14:00.

Comms with Tower are worse due to extra distance at D2 (east end of Delta taxiway).  Comms relay through Eng (off to one side of the taxiway) enabled ops from D2.

  • Long hold after engine start for helo movements.  Calling for start clearance in future will avoid this
  • Increasing AMAD temp before run, good call from Joe to put the cooling pump on, CB popped before end of run
  • Accel off the line at 60NL, 50 mph, brakes on to 50 bar, gradually increasing to 60 bar, until stopped.  Repeat profile
  • 60NL up to 30-40mph, then hold the speed with power against brakes, until end of run
  • Brakes temps all around 300, except for front right below 200.  Brake feel and effectiveness improved throughout the run
  • AC Gen tripped off at the start of the run, at the point when power was first applied


Successful second run, brakes starting to become more effective. 

Procedural points

  • Remember to call for start clearance
  • Comms relay worked well enough through Eng, allowing safe and effective airside ops.

Technical points

  • AC Gen tripped off at first throttle application


Run report – Run 3 – 4 Oct 17


Repeat Run Profile 1 (60NL, 50 mph), bedding in the brakes. 


1700L.  Weather 14 C, 1009 mb, wind 10 o’clock 17 kts

Delta taxiway, approx. 4000 ft available.

Fuel 62 to 47%, run duration 14:00.

  • More brisk accel at 60NL to 50 mph, braking at ~50 bar to stop.  Repeat
  • Complete the run with power against brakes
  • Brakes initially cold, took most of the first stop to warm up and become effective
  • Brake temps peak at 300-320C, expect front right at 180C
  • AC Generator tripped off at the start of the third application of power.  Cockpit displays were noisy at this point, with jumping G readings, dist limit indicator, etc.
  • Delta-G indicator offset by -0.1 G from ‘green screen’ pre-run data input


Car feels more responsive as power is applied more briskly and brakes (apart from front right) continue to bed in.  First day’s development running and already this is a great Car.

Procedural Points

  • Nil

Technical Points

  • Front right brake
  • AC Gen, cooling water pump, as before
  • G indicator offset

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