The Bloodhound Project BLOODHOUND Run reports 20 and 21

Run report – Run 20-21 – 30 Oct 17


Final demo runs to ~200mph.


Weather 11C, 1016mb, wind 1 o/c 11kts, lovely day, dry surface.

Fuel 60% to 17%.  21:30 run time.

Run 18

  • 1220 hrs.  Engine start normal.
  • Line up for normal accel: select max dry and brakes off when the Car starts to move, then select max.  At this point the engine wound down to idle.  Car already travelling at 80mph, so run aborted.
  • Further throttle selections indicated that any selection into the reheat range would cause the throttle demand to drop to 10 (idle). 

Run 19

  • Line up to attempt a min reheat run.  Immediate selection of min reheat on the brakes gave another 10 (idle) demand.  Plan changed to max dry.
  • Max dry accel satisfactory, up to 185mph, to ensure sufficient braking distance available after the slower accel.
  • Car comfortably down to slow speed before the BAT.


Throttle problem was a mismatch between the 2 channels in the reheat range. The Car software performed as intended and selected idle as a failsafe. Despite this minor problem, the Car gave a max dry demo up to 185mph and left the schools’ day crowd very happy.

With this as the only significant operating limitation during our 21 runs at Newquay, the Car and team have both performed brilliantly throughout.

Procedural points

  • Nil.

Technical points

  • Throttle pot mismatch. Car software provided failsafe response. 
  • Intermittent rear brake indication problems (+50 bar pressure offset, +235C temp offset) at the start. Once the Car started moving, good indications throughout.  

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